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Against the backdrop of a historic presidential election and the global pandemic, groups including the ACLU of Delaware , DE Civil Rights Coalition, DelACA , Commissioner of the Department of Elections , Latin American Community Center , League of Women Voters-DE , Delaware Network , the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Delaware , Delaware Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network , Wilmington-NAACP, and YWCA Delaware formed the We Vote Coalition .

The coalition's mission is to engage Latino voters in the First Estate and build their political power.

Delaware's Latinx community is growing significantly, particularly in the rural southern part of the state, where immigrants have moved to work in factories, farms and poultry nurseries. With the growth of immigrant communities, the need for effective and collaborative advocacy on issues ranging from access to health care, law enforcement, and access to government services has increased exponentially. In 2020, the impact of COVID-19 was particularly harsh on Latinos. Six months into the pandemic, more than 1,000 poultry workers had been diagnosed with seven deaths reported . Latino children accounted for 47-60% of all youth COVID-19 infections in the state, despite only making up 13% of the state's youth population.

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