It is important to be informed about the resources in your community. Here is a brief overview of the organizations that may be of assistance to you or someone you may know.

Delaware Department of Elections

The DOE administers elections for the state of Delaware and provides information to voters needing assistance in casting their ballot.

Community Legal Aid Services, Inc.

CLASI provides free legal assistance for people with disabilities, tenants experiencing housing issues, elder law, and poverty law.

American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware

The ACLU-DE is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to people whose rights or liberties have been violated by the government.

La Esperanza

La Esperanza is based in Sussex County and provides free culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and services in the areas of family development, immigration, victim services, as well as education for Latinx adults, children and families.

Delaware Hispanic Commission

The DHC is committed to enriching the lives of the Hispanic community by improving delivery of services; raising awareness of issues at state agencies; suggesting solutions to state leaders and agencies; and keeping the Hispanic community informed of state assistance available for all Delaware residents

The Latin American Community Center

LACC provides critical services to residents of Delaware, including family support services, adult education, health prevention and advocacy, financial empowerment, and after school programs for youth of all ages.

Common Cause Delaware

Common Cause Delaware is in our fifth decade of citizen action on behalf of open, honest, and accountable government that empowers everyone to make their voices heard and make democracy work. We're working to create a vibrant, grassroots movement in which every participant has an equal voice. Join us in speaking up and strengthening our democracy.

Information about Immigration

“How Immigration Became Illegal,” video by Aviva Chomsky on Democracy Now!

“Immigration Has Been a Defining, Often Contentious, Element Throughout US History,” the Migration Policy Institute

The Pew Center's Research Hub on Migration and Immigration

The Center for American Progress Research Hub on Immigration