Our Vote's Impact

What does a vote do for all of us?

Our vote ensures that the needs of our community are heard, especially the needs of those who do not have a voice. This includes the countless of hard-working essential workers and immigrants who are excluded from participating in our elections.

When elected officials know that our community votes, they listen. Our vote, when joined with those in our community, is a loud message that shows we pay attention and care about what happens at the decision-making table, whether that is in DC, our state capitol, or at the school board level. Among so many other things, our vote helps to get the right people in office to ensure that we have advocates for our immigrant families, as wells as have a cohort of friends who will defend our civil and human rights, by working to achieve equitable access to resources, quality healthcare, and education for our children.

Our vote is our statement that we are here and our community matters, because we do what is needed In a healthy, participatory democracy: Votamos, We Vote.

My Vote is Our Voice graphic

Be Their Voice

While the decisions made in this country affect undocumented people and their families just as much as anyone else, they do not have the opportunity to voice their support for or disagreement on those decisions. Many noncitizens fear retaliation should they decide to speak up for themselves.

As allies and advocates of those who cannot voice their concerns, it is our job to vote for them - to be their voice.

Be Our Voice

The immigrant experience is one of constant struggle and work. Too often, due to a language barrier or not enough time, our undocumented parents and friends find it difficult to stay up to date on current events or resources that could provide assistance to them. Many immigrant individuals, when asked about their plans for the future, point to their children. We, their children, are their future. It is our job to be their voice and vote for them.

They plead to us: Be Our Voice!